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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sign up process?

1. Schedule a complimentary consultation and tour of the studio

2. Meet the trainer and have the consultation 

3. If you decide to get training, we will email you a link to signup with MyPTHub, a free app for clients where you can purchase sessions with a credit card. 

4. We begin the fitness journey towards your goals!


Are there any other fees besides purchasing training sessions?

No, simply the cost of the sessions. 


Do the sessions expire?

No. Once you have purchased the sessions, they are yours until you use them.

Are there any referral bonuses? 

Yes. If an existing client refers someone to Hard Reboot Health and Fitness, both the existing client and the new client receive a FREE session!

Can I bring a friend or family member to the sessions?

Yes. As long as the clients goals/workouts are compatible, bringing a workout buddy is fine at no extra cost.

Where in the University Mall are you located?

We are located inside of the mall next to the Cave Gaming Center. 


Can customers drop in, even for an additional fee, to use the equipment on their own? 

No, our gym is strictly for training sessions, otherwise it takes away from the private experience.  

Do you handle more than 1 client at a time (excluding a group workout)?

No, in order to give our full attention and allow our clients to get the maximum value out of their time, each trainer only works with 1 client at a time. 


What can I expect during my consultation?

During the consultation, we discuss both short term and long term goals, injury history and exercise history.  Our goal is to get to know you better and understand what you would consider success within your goals. We are interested in learning about what you enjoy and incorporate it into workouts.  We also go through an overhead squat assessment, a push up test, and a plank test to see where people are with their physical fitness. 



Do I need equipment, and is there an in-person or virtual consultation prior as well?

Equipment is not required, however we recommend getting some bands and small weights. Normally, it’s less than $100 worth of equipment. To ensure it's a good fit for us both, we always include a free consultation before you purchase sessions.

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